LACMA Daytrip

As much as I love love love football Sundays, it is REALLY tough to justify sitting inside watching television when you’re living in SoCal (especially when your team isn’t on TV 95% of the time). This past Sunday, I decided to get up off the couch and go see what Downtown Los Angeles had to offer. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the house lately getting over my post-election grief in an effort to save money, so I decided to give myself a $50 budget for the day and go on an adventure.

Zoe Report HQ | Diamonds & Bacon
Looking for Bravolebrities in the area

After skimming a few articles online, I decided my lunch stop would be Sack Sandwiches on Melrose. It was started by Top Chef contestant Michael Voltaggio and is incredibly affordable – almost everything on the menu is under $10. So I happily order my $5.50 cold fried chicken sandwich, sat outside and watched as someone was filming a reality show in the Alexander McQueen shop across the street. The chicken was delicious, my total with drink and parking was $9, and I had some entertainment so I’d say it was an excellent choice.

Cold Fried Chicken @ Sack | Diamonds & Bacon
Best lunch $5.50 can buy

Once I had a full stomach, I hopped in the car and ventured a few miles to LACMA. Art museums are not really my boyfriend’s thing, so I figured I would take advantage of going solo and soak in as much art as I could. The usual tickets are $15, but I sprung for the $25 pass so I could also get into the limited exhibit – Guillermo del Toro’s “At Home With Monsters”.  Continue reading “LACMA Daytrip”

Meatless Monday: Rainbow Rollups

Meatless Monday is something I started as my New Year’s resolution this year back in January. It’s healthier for you (and healthier for the planet) to cut meat out of your diet one day a week, so I figured why not? I’ve actually really enjoyed it so far, I find it helps me eat a lot healthier for the remainder of the week, and I don’t miss the meat that much (except for holidays, like Memorial Day when I devoured accidentally ate a chicken wing).

Even during our move to California I was able to keep up with it, and obviously once we got here and settled it’s become much easier. California is known for having tons of vegetarian and vegan options, and for its fresh, local produce which I am trying to take full advantage of. This week’s Meatless Monday is a delicious wrap of beautiful colorful veggies.

eating your colors isn’t so bad

My weekdays are pretty packed, I get up for work at 5:30 in the morning and don’t get home until around 6:30 at night. On top of that I typically walk the dog and workout after work, making dinner time pretty late in our house – so I need my lunches and weeknight dinners to be as easy and portable as possible. And what’s easier and more portable than a wrap?

You can use whichever veggies you prefer or whatever’s in season, just don’t forget the cream cheese spread! It’s supremely delicious, made with reduced fat cream cheese, and will give you a little bit of protein to keep you full.

hello, my pretties

Continue reading “Meatless Monday: Rainbow Rollups”

Viva Las Vegas!

Day 5 was so jam packed I don’t know if a blog post will do it justice!

We honestly accomplished so much between Albuquerque and Las Vegas that it could’ve spanned the course of three days. It also happened to be Travis’ birthday, so we wanted to make the most of it for the old man.

Wiiiiiide open road

Our first stop was the Tee Pee Trading Post on the border of New Mexico and Arizona. It’s been around since the 1980’s and is allegedly the largest tee pee in the Southwest (what a claim to fame!). It’s 100% Native American owned and operated, and they had some sweet deals. I got a teal and white patterned beach blanket for $4 and some delicious beef jerky to snack on.

After our little rest stop, we had an important choice to make: Petrified Forest National Park or Meteor Crater?? They are two iconic sites in Arizona, but we sadly only had time for one. We decided Meteor Crater was closer to our route, so we went and saw the HUGE hole in the ground. That sounds way less impressive than it really was – the picture doesn’t do it justice, because it’s about a mile across, almost 3 miles to walk around, and almost 600 feet deep! (Fun fact: this is actually the second largest crater in the US, the largest is what formed the Chesapeake Bay. Even learned something on our little stop!)meteor-crater

So what do you do after seeing a huge hole in the ground? Go to Outback for blooming onion (not much to eat in that part of town) and then go to ANOTHER huge hole! Granted, the Grand Canyon is more like a huge valley/majestic national treasure. It was about 6pm by the time we made it to the Grand Canyon, so we only had about an hour there, but our timing couldn’t have been any better! First off, we saw an elk family  *cue squeals and awes all around*

Hiiiiii elk family!

But after the elk family passed and we made our way to the canyon, the sunset views took my breath away! No amount of pictures will do the Grand Canyon any justice. It was more perfect than a postcard, all of the red and orange hues on the rock were truly awe inspiring.

We saw just a sliver of it, but the whole family enjoyed it so much we will most definitely be back.

Socks LOVED the Grand Canyon

Once the sun had set, we thought briefly about staying at the Grand Canyon, saw the hotel prices, and decided to book it for Vegas. The drive took about 4 hours, but we found a room at The Westin the strip, and Travis got to see Vegas for the first time! Was getting in at 12:30 and staying up until 3:30 in the morning worth it? Most definitely! We crammed plenty into that 3 hours…vegas

Played some roulette at Caesar’s Palace

Toured around the Bellagio

Took a stroll through the Venetian

and said hi to Gwen Stefani (kind of). gwen

For the record, we didn’t win anything playing roulette, but I was happy that Travis got to end his birthday celebration in such a fun town. It was an insane day, so we slept in a little the next morning and hit the road to sunny California!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about our adventure. I’m excited to FINALLY share some of the cool things we’ve been doing while we’ve been here.