Easy Cranberry Relish

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, you’ve been busy at work, you’re going to the in-laws, or your parents house, or your besties’ place and you have NOTHING to bring. We’ve all been there. As much fun as the holidays are, they can also be super stressful if you’re trying to cook, clean, and/or travel.


Enter – cranberry relish. Granted, you could just go to the store and show up with a can of gelatinous gloop, but we’re adults now and eating whole, fresh foods is much more appealing. This recipe takes about 5 minutes to whip together, but it does require a food processor or chopper. And dare I say it, but this stuff is almost refreshing compared to a lot of the other foods on the table that may weigh you down.


Fresh cranberries, oranges, sugar, candied ginger (or powdered ginger if you already have that lying around) and walnuts. Blend it all together in the food processor, put it in a cute serving dish, and dash out the door to dinner!

Cranberry Relish | Diamonds & Bacon

I hope you guys have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!ย  Continue reading “Easy Cranberry Relish”