Creepy Crafting

You know what’s really unfortunate? When you’re trying your hardest to get into the fall spirit, but it’s 97 degrees outside! Total first world problem, but LA is at the tail end of a heatwave and all I want to do is drink cider, wear scarves, and watch scary movies.

In an effort to get into the season, my friend Sierra and I had a craft night the other day to do some Halloween crafts. It might have been 80 outside, but we had the apple cinnamon candle going and Sleepy Hollow on TV so it was as close as we were gonna get!

Looking good, Mr. Skull

Michael’s was having an awesome deal on Halloween items, so I got this ceramic skull for $3.50 which was even less than  the chalkboard paint I used on it. I painted the whole skull in chalkboard paint, before deciding to use metallic gold on his teeth – yes, my skull has a grill.

Mr. Skull doubles as a candle holder

I love the chalkboard paint on this, because it turns out matte and I can decorate it differently each year/week/day with something different. For now, I’m digging the all black (and haven’t bought chalk yet…). If you have any fun Halloween crafts you’ve done, I’d love to see them!

Feeling like fall in here!