On The Road Again…

Day 3 was the least exciting day of our trip by far.
(Does that make you pumped to read about it or what???)

When the most exciting part of your day is lunch, it makes it seem no more exciting than a day at the office. We at least had the benefit of knowing that Kansas and Oklahoma would be a lot of cows and flat land, so we were mentally prepared.

How does it feel to drive through Kansas? See above. 

So we left St Louis after having breakfast with my grandpa. He was sad to see us go, but of course he was filled with tons of good advice for our travels. He gave us an ACTUAL map of old Route 66 that came in quite handy when it came to seeing some of the quirky little stops along the way. I pulled it out a few times – too bad nothing was in Kansas or Oklahoma!

The trip from St Louis to Kansas City was pretty short. My coworker Jessica lives in KC and we had a chance to meet her for lunch. She recommended we go to Arthur Bryant’s and it was worth the stop! The restaurant itself is a Kansas City institution, it’s been around since the 1920s, and pretty much every  celebrity that goes to the area makes a stop for some of their barbecue. I’m pretty used to North Carolina style barbecue, where the sauce is more tangy and vinegary, so the sauce was sweeter than I was expecting but the meat was tender and definitely had that smokey taste that I love to get in my barbecue.

After lunch, we just plugged along I-35 until we reached our hotel in Oklahoma City. It was a lot of grass and A LOT of cows, but managed to head further south and west so we were one step closer to Cali!

“Look at all the grass and cows!” – Oklahoma in a nutshell

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