You Can Find Me in St. Louie

Day 2 of our adventure… 

Driving to St. Louis from Nashville was a breeze compared to our first day. It only took us 5 hours, not even enough time to get bored of the podcast (which was “Criminal” by the way – I highly recommend it. It’s a series of short stories about crime and law, from the silly to the gruesome).

Now, you may be wondering why a couple driving to the southwest would head 4 hours north to St. Louis. Well, my grandpa and aunt live there and I was told if I didn’t make the stop, I’d be disowned and cut out of the will – so I was more than happy to head that way! Honestly, it is always great to see family and the easy drive made it a relaxing day.

My grandpa made us reservations at Giovanni’s in Ladue for dinner. They have a restaurant on The Hill (the famous Italian block in STL), but this particular location was closer and still lived up to the reputation that the original earned. It was Travis’ first time in St. Louis, so we absolutely had to get the toasted ravioli. If you thought plain ravioli was good, wait until you get a chance to try it crispy – it’s the best! My main course was a simple pappardelle bolognese, I am such a sucker for those thick noodles that I’ll get it any chance I get. Let me tell you, I must’ve been hungry because I polished it off (and totally forgot to even take a pic of it)!

Even after a huge and carb-filled Italian dinner, my grandpa wanted to go to Ted Drewes. And what grandpa wants, grandpa gets. Ted Drewes is famous in the area for their frozen custard, but I was feeling a milkshake so I got that instead. Travis, who doesn’t even like desserts, got himself a treat and even enjoyed it.

Ted Drewes is THE place to be for dessert apparently

At this point, I was beyond full, but our family friend Scott still lives in the area so he swung by the ice cream stand to take us out to a local bar. So it was off to The Royale, a little  bar down the street that had an awesome patio area for us to waste away a few summer hours chatting and drinking. There were cute strand lights everywhere that make for a very relaxing vibe. The drinks were pretty cheap too (from what I remember), so that never hurts!


It was a fun night and we made it back to my grandpa’s around midnight. After all the food and vodka, I was definitely ready for bed.


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