Road Trip!

I guess before I jump into all of our California adventures, I should rewind a bit and tell you all about the adventure it was getting here! Especially because I meant to get a journal and write it down as we went along, but with all of the stress of packing and moving I just… didn’t. This will be a series of posts, so buckle up – here we go!

Moving Day

The day we packed up my house and moved out was definitely draining. Travis and I woke up early, grabbed the Penske, some coffee and bagels and got to work. My dear friend Sam showed up and helped us load in the sleeper sofa and start our little game of truck Tetris (so he’s even more dear to me now, thanks Sam!). A bit later another good friend, Stephan, showed up and loaded a few pieces of furniture before he went to work (talk about a GOOD friend!). By 11am, Travis and I had finished loading the truck, his mom took us out to lunch, and then helped us clean up the place – and let me tell you, that lady is thorough! It took us the better part of 5 hours and I don’t think we missed an inch. Thank you so, so much, Pam-  next time we’ll get cleaners as suggested!

Goodbye VA


By 5:30, Travis and his mom had left to get cleaned up for dinner, and it was just me in my empty house. You know how even if a place isn’t your favorite place, it’s still your home and suddenly you got nostalgic for the silliest things? Like that time you broke the fireplace, or the day you moved in, or that time you had friends over to drink fancy drinks in your PJs? Well, that’s how this was and I’ll be honest – I cried like a baby. This was my first home that I owned and I had to leave my great state of Virginia and I just didn’t feel ready. Luckily, my friend Heather swung by to pick up a card and gave me a big ol’ hug which also made me cry , but then I felt at least a tad better. I went off to Pam’s house with my car loaded down, got it loaded onto the trailer, and had dinner with the family (which includes some more close friends – Brittany, Ricky, Terrell, Stefan, Ashley, and TK all showed up to send us off). Before I knew it I was exhausted and it was time for bed, because the next day was EARLY.

Day 1: VA —> TN

We woke up before 5am to hit the road. BUT before we did, we got the amazing news that Travis’ niece had been born! Everyone was thrilled, and it took some of the edge off the fact we were leaving. (Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to drive up north to visit her but we cannot wait to spoil her at Christmas!) So we took it as a sign that today would be a good day,  and set out for Nashville.

This drive was pretty long, took us about 13 hours, and probably wasn’t the most direct route West – but it was so worth it. We got to my old roommate Kara’s place and she was definitely the hostess with the mostess! There was a whole spread of pimento cheese, salami, crackers, and of course wine waiting for us. She just recently moved herself and was loving life in Nashville so we got to hit some of her recent favorites.

Let me just say, if you find yourself hungry in Nashville, don’t worry – Acme Feed & Seed has got you covered! It’s an old warehouse that was converted into a THREE STORY BAR that serves up delicious Southern Fusion cuisine and there are tons of beers on tap to choose from. I got the Redneck Lo Mein, which was noodles with collards, black eyed peas, smoked chicken, and an andouille glaze – so delicious!


From Acme, we hit up Broadway – the few blocks of Nashville that are lit up like Times Square – for some touristy bars. We went to Honky Tonk and Crazy Town for a drink, they both had some great live music which is standard in Nashville. I wish we had more time to spend there, but it was a long day and it was time for bed.

The next morning, we planned to go to Biscuit Love for brunch. Allegedly they have some of the most mind blowing dishes, but by 9am the line was around the block! I’ll definitely try to get back to it one day to see what the hype is about. Instead, we wound up going to The Row and I am not mad about it at all, there was no line and the breakfast was SO. GOOD. I wanted to be sure I had some good Southern cuisine before we were further West and this did not disappoint one bit! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who goes to visit.

the row
So many good noms!

Before we knew it was time to leave Kara and Nashville behind, to continue on our journey. Next stop, St. Louis!


Guess Who’s Back?

Hey there! It’s been awhile! Like almost a whole year… but who’s counting? I’ve had the occasional person ask if I would be posting new stuff and apparently I’ve had a handful of viewers here and there while I’ve been away (hi! thanks for checking in!). Truth is, this blog was really time consuming when I was trying to update it multiple times a week. And as much fun as cooking is, it’s less fun to sit at a computer and write about it after 50 hours a week of sitting at a computer and typing.

ANYWAY, long story short – I want to post stuff here and there when I try something out that’s just too amazing not to share.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know I happened to move in the past year, like 3,000 miles away, to CALIFORNIA! There are so many exciting things happening out here, and it is so much different than Virginia! So my thoughts are, if I eat something, see something, do something, or cook something awesome while I’m here I want y’all to be able to experience it with me (and no, I will not be dropping the “y’all” any time soon – it takes me back to my Virginia roots!).


The move itself took us 6 days by Penske truck, which was an adventure in and of itself. We went through Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada before finally making it to our new home in Southern California. It was stressful, still is a bit terrifying, and is probably the best thing we could’ve done at this point in our lives.

A snapshot of Cali life so far – how is this even real??

As you can see above, we’ve only been here a month, but it’s been a fun time – I found my new favorite sparkling sake, we visited friends at the Newport Beach Marina, took a trip to the Angel City Brewery (where I could spread my wings), ate delicious sushi at SOTA, and I had a chance to hang out with my dad at the Anza Borrego desert for the Perseid meteor shower (we stayed up most of the night and watched the sunrise).

I’m sure more adventures are in store and I can’t wait to share them with you, so check back soon!