Day 12: Happy Mother’s Day <3

<3There are literally never enough words to express how much I love my mother. Since day one – literally – she’s been there for me, helping me grow, and always wanting the best for me. To say Mama Nuell is my hero is an understatement. She has wiped more tears, covered more boo-boos, and given more bear hugs than I could possibly count. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a mom who has not only pushed me to succeed but who also holds herself to the same high standards in life.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I’m quite literally in awe of all that my mom’s accomplished. She somehow managed to raise two stunning girls (if I do say so myself) while holding down an outstanding career, being president of her Rotary Club, volunteering on the library board, and generally having a more active social life than my sister and I combined. I consider it a good day if I manage to work, cook, and make it to the gym, but Mama Nuell somehow did 10 times that on a daily basis and not only survived, but thrived.

This one’s for you, mom. If I can accomplish half of what you have in my lifetime, I know it’ll be a job well done. I love you so much, mommy! xoxo


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