Day 2: What’s in a name?

Ever since elementary school, when I first started being evaluated for my work, I’ve feared living a life of mediocrity. I still remember when I got my first B – I forged my dad’s signature on the test (bet you can guess how that looked in 3rd grade cursive) and attempted to avoid him for a week after the teacher told him. While I eventually let my attitude towards grades relax, I’ve still retained an unquenchable desire for success. Now that I’m no longer in school, trying to achieve and measure success as an adult is a bit more difficult.  What I’ve heard from the older and wiser people in my life is pretty consistent on the subject: find what you love, love what you do, and success will follow.

The idea behind Diamonds & Bacon came almost a year back, when I was discussing blogging with my friend and former coworker, Tekey. Like me, Tekey is always aiming to be the best and get the best out of life. We both work hard, but have very different approaches – she is high class, almost to the point of perfection (#alwaysonfleek), while I take a more laid back, go with the flow approach most days. She is tough like diamonds, I’m relaxed like bacon.

The name was born out of our adorable nicknames for each other, but Tekey has gone off to live her dream of being a kick ass lawyer. This left me to wonder – what should I do? What is my greater goal in life? Diamonds & Bacon to me represents something bigger. Each of these things is loved, coveted, protected (fiercely with a fork if you’re like me at brunch), and not something everyone has. If you have bacon on your plate, you probably love it and are pretty happy. If you’re rocking diamond accessories, you’ve probably got some money in the bank. If you are blinged out at brunch with a plate full of bacon? You, my friend, are living your best life and are blessed. That is my ultimate goal, find a career that is my Diamonds & Bacon brunch. Now I’ve just got to figure out where to start…

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